Chaos Killer | Productive Pastor 77

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost control? It’s time to conquer the chaos and become a chaos killer. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten a little too familiar with chaos and what it takes to climb out of it. But we aren’t going to talk about the dirty side, instead, I am going to share with you what it means to capture the chaos and keep it contained (so it can never come get you.) Front Matter It’s about doing, not tweaking by Carl Pullein This is a fantastic article on Medium (one of my new favorite content sites). The biggest takeaway we can all grab from it is realizing in this new world shipping, instead of perfection, reigns. My new youtube channel: Chad Brooks In this, I’m sharing a little more about life (alongside my wife Meredith). I already have two ironman texas vlogs and a timelapse or two up. Chaos Killer Chaos is in a direct relationship to capacity. When your capacity is hit to it’s maximum, in any area, and pushes pass it, then chaos invades your entire life and slowly begins to take it over. Like the raptors in Jurassic park, it is finding the weakest link in your defense system. Once in, it is capable of taking down the strongest place in your life. There are three posts of chaos keeping: space, schedule, and soul. Each of these forms a protective element to keep those chaos raptors from destroying your life and sneaking in. The 7 habits of Unproductive Pastors | PP58 Space What do the physical spaces of your life look like? They serve...

Talking with God (with Adam Weber) | Productive Pastor 76

I am super excited to share my conversation with Adam Weber today. Adam is the lead pastor of Embrace Church. And he just wrote his first book! It is a fantastic, accessible book on prayer. I love it. Front Matter I’m hustling along on the premium content for my sermon worksheet. If you want to jump on the early bird mailing list, you can do so right here. Plus I give you the last beta version of the sheet. My friend Danielle left a great review of the podcast on iTunes. Thanks, Danielle. Talking with God (with Adam Weber) On the journey with prayer. prayer as a last resort. 5 years in when I started. In the season of “back-patting.” The relationship of external prayer and deep internal desire. Instead of “I need your help” we run head first into fixing it ourselves. Prayer has to change at the heart level-not the mind level. I want to make a different but apart from you I can do nothing. Don’t wait until the bottom falls out. Wild stuff Intentional prayer life through the week. The power of walks. What does Sabbath look like? Friday-Saturday Physical space of sabbath. (walks and the front porch) Art of the sermon interview He preaches 28 times a year what breathes life into you and what takes life from you. Back Matter Adam’s interviews on The Threshing Floor Adam Weber, Church Planting, and being Missional | TTF 35 Adam Weber on Prayer | TTF 83 Buy a copy of Talking With God: What to say when you don’t know what to pray (amazon affiliate link)

Under the Hood: Study Retreat Recap and More | PP75

I wanted to take a quick episode to do a study retreat recap and talk about some awesome things happening in Productive Pastor world. Front Matter iTunes Review and Rating If you were one of the reviewers, make sure to contact me at twitter. @revchadbrooks. Study Retreat Recap (and more). In episode 73, I talked about my upcoming study retreat. I was super excited to take this retreat. I learned several things on my retreat. Go to a place that inspires you. It was really easy to study at the Lanier Theological Library. Almost perfect. Being by yourself for that length of time is really odd. I was surprised how tough it was. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule. Sermons that have reach Over a year ago I started working on a new version of my sermon worksheet. It has taken me ages to update this resource because I am making it 100x better. I am shooting for it to be out in April. Podcasting Sermons I have been getting more and more emails from people wanting to start podcasting their sermons. I TOTALLY believe this is a great idea for any church. I’ve started writing material to help anyone start podcasting, including buying equipment and what services they need to use. Christians Go To Podcasts To Say Things They Can’t Say In Church (from...

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