Podcast: The Threshing Floor


The Threshing Floor is a conversational podcast focusing on young thought leaders of the Wesleyan movement. The three hosts are practicing pastors in different denominations, but share a theological assumption based on the ministry of John Wesley and the greater Wesleyan movement.

The Threshing Floor is part of the larger Seedbed publishing family. Seedbed sows the whole gospel into the whole world by uniting voices around a shared vision and publishing resources that awaken the Wesleyan movement for the 21st century church.

I am honored to host The Threshing Floor alongside two of my best friends; Joshua Toepper and Drew Causey.

Season 1:Teaser
Episode 1: Does God Cause Disaster?
Episode 2: Primary Spiritual Experiences
Episode 3: Spiritual Practices
Episode 4: Why Theology Matters
Episode 5: Guest Conversation With Mike Gammill
Episode 6: The Walking Dead and Our Desert Island Books
Episode 7: Advent (Seedbed Preview)
Episode 8: Why We Are Wesleyan
Episode 9: The Best Books for Wesleyans
Episode 10: Creation and OrthodoxyEpisode 11: Lent
Episode 12: Worship Design with Dr. Constance Cherry
Episode 13: Leadership with Rev. Steve Wood
Episode 14: Noah
Episode 15: Family Dynamics in Ministry