About Chad Brooks

Chad Brooks

Thanks for coming to my About page. I am Chad Brooks, a United Methodist Pastor in North Louisiana. I currently starting a new church in the north Monroe/Sterlington area.*

I am married to Meredith and she has spent the last 10 years of her life making me a better person.

I graduated from Asbury Theological seminary in 2011. I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church as a preachers kid and migrated over to Methodism in my 20’s. You can read about that transition here.

My own faith journey tells stories of restlessness, imagination and finding final hope in the person Jesus Christ. The tagline for my site is “Worshiping a God Who Comes to Our World.” In this statement I find so much truth about how we are called to be devoted to Christ while we are living in this world now and in the world to come. Here are a few posts about that idea.

A God Who Has Come, Is Coming and Will Come

I find hope and faith in the everyday and I am a big fan of popular culture. I absolutely love connecting the dots for myself and sharing those paths with others. Here are some popular posts.

3 Reasons the Church Should Understand the Zombie Apocalypse.
Livin’ On A Prayer: How Bon Jovi Created Modern Worship

I also host and produce two podcasts. The Productive Pastor and The Threshing Floor.

Posts on the blog will primarily be centered around these three ideas as well as pieces involving my current ministry. You can expect new posts on Tuesday and Thursday. On the weekends I will post sermon previews, rabbit trails and media files.

*While I blog and share about my current ministry here, these views do necessarily represent any official view or statement of my current church or my denomination.