Every week I curate a list of 5 great podcast episodes. This week is focused on great easy-to-listen educational and historical content.

King of Kings III | Hardcore History with Dan Carlin 7.7.16
Ok. This is the podcast of podcasts. Episodes of Hardcore History are only released every 4-6 months. The newest episode came out this week and it clocks in at over 5 hrs. I spent most of my driving time this week listening to it. I’ve heard the hoopla about Carlin and this podcast before and I can now say I’ve totally drank the kool-aid.

Klondike Big Inch and Land Promotion | Stuff You Missed in History Class 7.30.14
I share this podcast pretty often, but that’s because they have a huge catalog and I find it perfect for longer drives. I love how they find fantastical events from the past and explain them. This one is all about a cereal company doing a land giveaway in Gold territory.

Odin-In the Land of the Blind | Myths and Legends 7.26.16
The Myths and Legends podcast broke onto the scene last year. It quickly rose to the top of iTunes charts. For folks into fables and tall tales of yore, it’s downright perfect. The creator goes in and out of a Viking kick. This is a great episode.

Route Talk | Serial 
Serial was the podcast that changed everything. This summer, the focus of season 1 Adnan Syed was able to get his court case reopened. Many people believe this is because of the focus the podcast put on his nearly 20-year-old conviction. For folks who doubt the power of investigative journalism, this is the perfect episode. Make sure you click through to the shownotes as well.

Stranger Things Podcast
Not an episode, but a whole show. One of my favorite types of podcasts are the shows that serve as “after-shows” for television. They are especially awesome for TV shows like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. It is also a great way to get into listening to and making your own podcasts. Folks are all over Stranger Things, a new Netflix Original television show. This is the accompanying podcast. I’m stoked to start the show AND the podcast together.