5 Podcast Episodes | 6.24.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 6.24.16

Every week I curate a list of 5 great podcast episodes. Some are recent and some are archived. Some are practical ministry and others are downright interesting. Here is this weeks list.

5 Podcast Episodes for 6.24.16

The Lady Vanishes | Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History. (6.16.16)
This is a brand new show from esteemed author and futurist Malcom Gladwell. It explores what might have happened if history worked out differently.

Using Media in Preaching and Teaching with Brady Shearer | Art of the Sermon (6.2.16)
I am a big far of Art of the Sermon. This is an incredible conversation with a creative teacher and leader about the space of media inside of preaching.

7 Attitudes of Leaders Who Multiply Teams | UnSeminary
One of the tasks I always want to learn more about is inspiring and sending out new leaders. This is a great episode from Rich Birch

How To Never (ever) Forget an Important Idea Again | The Showrunner (6.15.16)
I am a champ at forgetting things. If you are a thought leader, creative or pastor…remembering is such an important tool.

Tim Ferriss on Podcasting, Productivity, Experimentation, and if He Had to Start Over | Smart Passive Income Podcast (5.24.14)
This is a serious archive post, but I love Pat Flynn and I love Tim Ferris. This is such a great episode and it makes us all think about intentional focus and living out our call.

Join us back next week for another list!


Five (first thing) Tasks to Gain Serious Traction | Productive Pastor 53

Five (first thing) Tasks to Gain Serious Traction | Productive Pastor 53

Welcome back! In this episode, we are talking about 5 tasks to gain serious traction. I’m STOKED to share them with you!

Front Matter

  1. Where are you learning right now?
    For many folks, the summer is a time to take things a little slower, relax and focus (I know…the two don’t necessarily go together). I want to hear WHERE you are learning things this summer. Tweet to me at @revchadbrooks to let me know.
  2. 5 Podcast Episodes. 
    I’m curating a new list of my FAVORITE podcast episodes. I release it every Friday, so make sure you check it out to keep up with some really interesting podcasts from across the world. Check out the first post here.
  3. Ratings and Reviews. 
    I want to make a shout out here to jmcanally. Thanks for the review and rating on iTunes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.19.39 PM

Five (first thing) Tasks to Gain Serious Traction

What exactly is traction?
Traction gives you the footing you need to move forward in a slippery or uphill situation. These are all about gaining serious traction in a few quick, intentional moves.

  1. Check facebook for birthdays and then text the person. 
    Everyone hits up facebook for the birthday greeting. Go the extra mile and text the person. They will love it.
  2. Write 1 person (from your ministry) a day. Out of the blue. 
    Handwritten notes are POWERFUL. Leverage this every single day. Write someone each day just because. Tell them how you appreciate them.
  3. Text 5 families or persons and let them know you are praying for them.
    I keep a running prayer notebook. I wrote about how and why I do it here. I let 5 different groups of people know a day I am praying for them (and make sure you actually pray for them).
  4. Tackle the biggest task on your list. 
    Remember. This is all about traction. By now, you should be rearing and ready to go. Take care of the biggest and most important thing first.
  5. Make tomorrow’s list (at the end of your work day). 
    The very last task of the day should be creating your list for the next. Keep it short, simple and focused.
5 Podcasts Episodes | 6.17.16

5 Podcasts Episodes | 6.17.16

I consume a pretty large amount of podcast content. I’ve decided to share the best, most interesting or just recommended podcast episodes I listen to each week. Some of these are new episodes, some are ones I found digging in archives or shows I’ve just recently started listening to. As I talk to more and more people about podcasts, I realize they don’t often realize how large the library of shows is out there. So I’ve decided to share the 5 most interesting episodes I’ve listened to this week.

5 Podcast Episodes 6.17.16

How to Become Batman | Invisibilia (1.23.15)
This is an amazing story about people and how they put themselves in relationship to those around them and their surroundings.

Lane Jones and the Ups and Downs of Early North Point | Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast (6.7.16)
For anyone fascinated and interested with the ministry design of North Point in Atlanta, Ga (yes. THAT North Point), this is a must listen episode. There is history, lessons learned and insights into what made that church radically different 25 years ago.

Prom | This American Life (5.1.16,  6.1.08)
This was replayed in TAL’s feed this summer. It is a fantastic look at a great story AND the power of narrative storytelling.

5 Ways to Follow Up With New Volunteers (with Tyler Smith) | Pro Church Tools (6.7.2016)
Brady and his crew pump out AMAZING content for church leaders. Full disclosure…I listened to this episode 3 times. Great stuff.

The Unsolved Mystery of The Disappearance of the Sodder Children | Stuff You Should Know (5.19.16)
Ok. This story has been making the rounds of the history based podcasts (a genre I’m really into). When one of my favorite shows does an episode on it, I’ll give it a listen. This is a WILD story.

This week was all about the story shows and group conversations. These are some of my favorite types of podcasts. I’ve got some great training type stuff lined up for next week as well as more practical ministry shows. That will make next week’s list totally different.

What podcast episodes did you dig this week? Share them in the comments or tweet them to me at @revchadbrooks

Avoiding and Attacking Procrastination | PP 52

Avoiding and Attacking Procrastination | PP 52

Are you good at procrastinating? I’m a champ. In this episode, I am going to tell you what I have learned about avoiding and attacking procrastination. So let’s jump straight in.


Avoiding and Attacking Procrastination

The first step to understanding the motivations behind procrastination is realizing it lives first in the realm of fear. Fear is an absolutely catastrophic element of life. When we delve into the realities of what we are scared of, we begin understanding the motivations behind why we individually procrastinate.

By continuing to allow fear to reign in life, we will begin leading from the perspective of fear. When that happens, we will be tied to bad leadership practices and a recipe for a serious “not getting things done” problem.

Avoiding Procrastination

No one leads well out of the shalom zone. 
We need to get serious about learning what puts us at peace. This is about habits that rule us.

Productive Pastor 5: A Conversation with JD Walt about Sabbath

Build rhythms to help you stay relaxed and focused.
How are you building your time to be focused when you need to be and relaxed when you need a break?

Organize your work time to plow through trouble and focus on fun. 
This is pretty basic Productive Pastor stuff. The time you spend doing things really matters. Know when you work the best and make sure that time is carved out.

Attacking Procrastination

Build your schedule focused on goals and effectiveness. 
We all say we have priorities. But our schedule really tells us what matters. When we never have time for the most important things we will never get them done. Are you intentionally placing time in your week to hit your goals? Make sure that happens.

Learn to ask yourself “What’s at Stake?”
This is a huge one for me. It will almost always get my butt back in gear. People who avoid procrastination are future focused. They realize what’s at stake and make sure it happens.

Break things up into approachable goals.
The best example I can think of this is the space race. I spent time reading this week all through Wikipedia and realize every single mission and a purpose and they all contributed to the larger goal of putting a human on the moon. Seriously. Do you realize how daunting this had to have been? If you are hitting a wall, break it up into easy chunks.

Thanks for listening and I hope this prepares you to avoid and attack procrastination.

Articles Mentioned

Fear of Failure: Psychology Today

Why you procrastinate, and how to stop it. Now. | Forbes

15 practices of leaders who lead by fear | Brian Dodd