March marks my one year anniversary being a Rocket Company customer. Early in 2013 I decided to invest in Preaching Rocket coaching. I had a gut feeling it would be worth it. A year out…I would do it all over again in a heart beat. The team at The Rocket Company is amazing and has increased my ministry so much in the last year. I want to share with you just a little of what I have learned in the last 12 months.

1. Skills
This last year has been a gathering season of many different skills. I wrote earlier in the year why I love (and recommend) preaching rocket. I have also benefited from Volunteer Rocket. What I appreciate the most is how I have now been able to apply other skills across the board. Here are just a few

  • Getting feedback
  • Strategic Design
  • Organizational Clarity in Communication

2. Community
Many of the largest benefits I have gleaned from The Rocket Company hasn’t come from their products, but the community I stumbled into. My friend Brian Dodd runs an amazing blog. Casey Graham (the founder) consistently inspires me to dream bigger and better. I discovered Carey Nieuwhof through this community.  There are other customers (Bobby Williams is a great example) who share their own strategies and helps.  These, as well as many others, contributed TONS to my ministry in the last year.

3. The Rocket Company Rewired My Brain (not in a creepy way).
This one has been a game changer. Preaching Rocket showed me the benefits of setting up systems and patterns in my sermon preparation to help me handle busy seasons of ministry. In many ways, The Rocket Company is responsible for The Productive Pastor Podcast. I have transitioned so much of my work flow around pretty basic principals I first learned from them.

4. The Desire to Always Do Better.
I want to be a better pastor every day. Most people in ministry can make this statement. I can tell you I learned practical ways to actually do it. Yes, they almost all best involve a more efficient use of time and a constant quest for vision clarity. I now know my planning matters because it affects my ability to best respond, preach and move forward.

I spent 5 years in seminary. I learned skills I will carry with me for the rest of life. Seminary formed me, taught me to think critically and equipped me. Once I was several years out of seminary, I realized I lacked some practical (and modern) ministry skills which simply can’t be taught in the classroom. I took a leap of faith hoping I might find some resources to help fill those holes in. I wanted top notch coaching and I found it.

The folks over at The Rocket Company are amazing people. Yes, this was a financial investment on my part…but it is worth every cent. I look forward to whatever they do in the future. Go check them out.