Ministry is a tough job. There isn’t another career with the complexity of scheduling AND management. How many secular organizations can instantly thrust people into leadership over dozens, hundreds or thousands? Angry schedules are those with the potential to derail our ministry. They can be personal or organizational schedules.

Here are 4 episodes of The Productive Pastor that will help you wrestle down the angry schedule.


Episode 8: When Things Go Crazy: Navigating the Time Bomb

Part of ministry is responding to crisis. As much as we can plan and strategically organize our schedule, something can and will come up that necessitates us going off schedule for a few hours or days. The secret to navigating this well is to have a proper on and off ramp. This episode will show you exactly how to do that.



Episode 14: The Power of a Time Audit

If you are struggling with time management, the first step to wrestling it to the ground is doing a time audit. You can’t improve what you don’t know! Regular time audits can be extremely helpful.

time audit

Episode 3: Priority Based Schedule

What is the most important thing this week? The ability to answer that question provides an extreme amount of clarity and purpose. Outlining priorities and planning around them assists in effectiveness and stewardship of time.


Episode 34: Keeping Important Goals at the Front of the Pack

Have you ever hit a personal or organizational rut? They are easy to get into if you aren’t paying attention to goals and project management. This episode is all about staying focused on the forward momentum you have identified as the most important.

productive pastor