paper bible

On Monday I posted about why I love using a digital Bible app. I also told you I would post about why I use a paper Bible. So here we are!

I have to admit, I love my Bibles. In college I sold them for awhile and became really familiar with translations, publishing houses and different editions. There was even a year when everyone in the family got a fancy Zondervan study bible for Christmas.

Why I use a paper Bible

1. I like the feel of Books.
You can’t go wrong with a book. It has a smell and that certain sound when you open them for the first time. I love the physicality of my Bible. Over time it becomes a companion.

2. So I can write in it.
I want to use my Bible. I tend to buy one and use it for a couple of years until it is falling apart and I can no longer read anything in it because it is so marked up. This is one thing I have never been happy with an app. It is to hard to take notes.

When passages grab me I make note of it. When the Lord is really showing me something new I want to be able to remember it. So I write in my Bible.

3. To become familiar with scripture.
After I have used a particular Bible for a length of time I am able to remember scripture better. I can picture where it is on the page in my mind. I can turn to certain books easier. I can keep notes on when I read something and it helps me to intentionally concentrate on the whole Bible.

4. Consistent meditation on scripture.
While a Bible app makes reading large portions easy, a paper Bible lends itself to a more contemplative read. It is much easier to spend 30 minutes reading and praying (the fancy word for this is Lecto Divinia) when you are using a paper Bible. Focus is clearer when you don’t have notifications popping up every few minutes. I also use my physical copy for my slower reads at night. I like using youversion for longer reads in the morning, but at night I settle down and turn the pages with scripture and paper.

5. It makes you take your Bible in public.
I think we should all be carrying a Bible. In our vehicles, purses, bags…whatever. I have had the most amazing spiritual conversations with people when I am reading during my morning coffee or while sitting by myself at McDonalds during lunch. It is an instant conversation starter.

What is your favorite thing about using a paper Bible?