This has been an awesome first year at I started this blog on May 30th of the year, after my decision to restart blogging from scratch with a new name and purpose. You can read the first post, Beginnings, right here.

Since then, things have been busy. I also started the Productive Pastor Podcast this year and it has gone over really well. had 13,819 views in 2013. The Productive Pastor has been downloaded 3063 times to date.

Here are the top 5 most popular posts in 2013

1.  3 Reasons the Church Should Understand the Zombie Apocalypse.
This post was from July 15th. It has consistently held the top post every since then. It was also one of my favorites. It does well in Google, so people keep coming back to it.

2. The 5 Records That Saved Christian Music For Me.
This post was written on a whim over a few days and had a tremendous response. The discussion it started both here and at Faith Villiage has been really interesting. I really wanted to open up and make a few confessions through this post many people wouldn’t assume a Pastor would make, namely that I don’t like/listen to Christian music.

3. The Easiest Way to Preach Better Sermons.One of the consicous decisions I made in 2013 was to invest in coaching. I started a relationship with The Rocket Company and their coaching system called Preaching Rocket. It has made a fantastic change in my sermon preparation and delivery habits. Through the engagement around this post, I think many ministry leaders have the same questions and struggles as I do. Also, The Rocket Company’s staff is excellent and adds tons of value for me personally. Brian Dodd is a great blogger and person to follow on twitter.

4. My Favorite Podcasts and Why You Should Listen To Podcasts.
Another big part of 2013 for me was Podcasts, both listening to and producing two different shows. This was my first post sharing my favorite podcasts and I followed it with a second just a few weeks back.

5. Why I Became a Methodist.
This is one of the posts I have republished on from my old site. I felt it was necessary to talk about my transition to Methodism. It has been picked up several times by other outlets. It was another post I wrote not thinking very much about and has become very popular.

Thank you for being part of the community here and with the podcast. I am so thankful for all of my readers and how they honor me with just a few moments of their time each day.