Spiritual dissatisfaction is a real part of life. I won’t lie to you and tell you otherwise. We all get in slumps. Some of us can identify them as part of a deeper issue and at other times we just might want to be grumpy.

I realized spiritual dissatisfaction was real several years ago. I could identify when things weren’t right, when worship wasn’t doing anything and my prayer life was non-existent. I wondered why I was even a person of faith.

God simply wasn’t big enough for my world.

Or so I thought. The reality was I hadn’t allowed God to be big enough. I had a faith and trust issue. What was small was my view of God. Emphasis on my. I realize know I wasn’t satisfied with the God I had created. The real and living God was and is plenty big enough for anything we can go through. The basic beauty of the incarnated God come to our world is how Jesus went through the full range of human experiences so He could fully save us. In every way we needed to be.

We can become dissatisfied and we will become dissatisfied when our self-constructed (and self-centered) conceptions of God fail. They will.

The best way to deal with spiritual dissatisfaction is the same way holy people have for thousands of years. Even when you feel furthest and at the bottom you have one thing to do.

Follow God.

Begin the practice when you don’t feel like you need it. Commit to a regular scripture reading. Find a time of prayer and the best way for you to express faith. Gather around you Christian friends to speak into your life and influence you. Learn to worship no matter what the music is like. Begin a regular pattern of leaning into God.

The classic rhythms and means of Grace will strengthen you. It’s like building up a savings account and knowing you will need to dip into it one day.

Spiritual dissatisfaction is a real thing. Expanding your reality of who God is, instead of your own version of him, is the best safety net for when we really feel far from God.