The Social Church

Over the last week I have been reading Justin Wise’s first book The Social Church. I was excited to be part of his launch team and help him get the word out about the book. After I finished the book this week I was already contemplating the things I learned and looking over my notes. This book is perfectly timed for the world we live in.

Justin has spent time in ministry, consulting and now runs a media hub called #thinkdigital. His podcast has shown up on my list of favorites shows. I trust Justin more than anyone else when it comes to new media, especially in regard to the church.

Think of this book as less of a how-to and more of a theology of social media and praxis. Justin is a Lutheran and finds many great analogies in his own faith tradition, explaining why it is essentially important for the church to be active in social media. The Social Church isn’t a paint by numbers book nor is it an attempt by an uneducated consultant to attach theological meanings to a baptized secular enterprise. Justin does some legit theological work in this book.

Justin lets us know the fundamental reason the Church should be rocking social media is an extension of our theology of the incarnation. The New Media Revolution is as powerful as the Gutenberg press.

The biggest takeway I think the majority of churches attempting to do social media need to pay attention is..

Church is becoming less of a possessor of knowledge and more of a connected hub.

Think of how many times we just think if we throw the information on Facebook it will automatically change everything. Just having a website isn’t magic fairy dust we can sprinkle and expect amazing things. As our society shifts (and it is), churches need to realize the information age is dead. People aren’t going to the web to learn, but instead to communicate. We have moved from a learning society to a sharing society.

What won’t matter is what we accurately posted but instead the relationships we fostered.

If you are having any conversation about communication or advertising in church, you need to read this book. Thanks to Justin for sending the launch team a preview copy. Go support a great guy and pick up The Social Church.