It’s the Productive Pastor Preaching Playlist (say that 4 times quickly)!

Before everyone begins traveling for the holiday season I wanted to put together episodes of similar content in an easy style for you to listen while traveling and to condense topics together. Here are all of the Productive Pastor episodes on preaching.

Preaching Playlist

Episode 17: Why You Need A Production Calendar

There are three reasons production calendars can help you in your minstry.

  1. They help you see the big picture.
  2. The content is right in front of you.
  3. You and your ministry are consistently and steadily moving forward.

Episode 20: 5 Keys To Effective Sermon Preparation

  1. Read.
  2. Have a holding tank.
  3. Have a preaching calendar
  4. Ask others
  5. Find/Build and stick to a preparation rhythm

Episode 21: Sermonsmith and John Chandler

John runs a fantastic podcast called SermonSmith. He sits down and shares what he has learned interviewing dozens of pastors about their preparation process.

Episode 38: Using Monday Moments For Better Preaching

Monday Moments help us develop many different parts of our sermons. They affect the visuals, how we plan our messages and how we preach. They give us a guiding center (alongside our guiding text for the day). They help us develop repetition and focus in how we preach. They give people a literal phrase to repeat as they contemplate the message.Using a Monday Moment is a key preparation AND presentation device. It will help you plan and communicate better. The moment will help the people in your pews better internalize the message and remember it throughout the week.

Episode 39: John Jay Alvaro and a Visual Homiletic

We talk about the visual process of sermon delivery John Jay practices and how he found his way to it. We talk about what it means for a congregation to give their pastor the space to find new ways to communicate. Ultimately, this isn’t about a delivery tactic, but instead a process of public creativity and holy presentation.

Episode 40: Creating A Sermon Preparation Calendar

Many times I hear from people about their desire to have more time to plan and prepare ahead in regards to preaching. This episode I want to share with you a way you can create a whole year vision for preaching, stay on top of things AND still have time for the rest of ministry.

Remember, the things we feel we don’t have time for are often the things we don’t have the time to NOT do.