In episode two we talk about plenty of great productivity practices for ministry leaders. Chad shares three great blog posts found around the internet and interviews Jonathan Andersen. Jonathan is a pastor in Georgia and is a person to learn from! Jonathan shares some of his practices for sermon preparation, how he keeps in contact with people and strategies of working in team based ministry. I really appreciate how Jonathan understands the theological and pastoral call to time management. I even have some great conversation I didn’t include that will come to light during a special “extras” episode.

As always, we dig into the toolbox and share a favorite productivity tip. The Productive Pastor Podcast is also giving away a 3 pack of the brand new Pitch Black Field Notes Brand notebook, Chad’s preferred brand of pocket notebooks for daily use. To win this three pack, just share the Productive Pastor on twitter and Facebook (make sure to tag me @revchadbrooks) or you can leave a review on iTunes (make sure to let me know your username if it isn’t easily understood).

The Productive Pastor Episode 2

The List:
7 Time-Management Tricks From Chris Hardwick, Man of 1,000 TV Shows
How I Accomplish My Top 3 Goals Every Week
Failure to Launch and The Sin that Steals

Jonathan Andersen: (twitter/facebook/blog)
The Pastor’s Toolbox-Part 1
The Pastor’s Toolbox-Part 2
Jonathan’s sermon worksheet (and in German Andersen – Exegetisches Arbeitsblatt)

A Thousand Questions To Ask of the Text via Steve Carter at

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