Welcome to the very first “sub-episode” of the Productive Pastor. Occasionally I will have either more content than I really can release or I end up getting connected (usually through a listener) to someone who can really add quality conversation to an episode.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks and had a great interaction with Nathan Bledsoe (@revnayte)¬†on twitter and he brought me into a conversation with his friend John Allen (@revjohnallen). John had some super interesting things to share about meetings and I recorded a quick conversation with him.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.12.40 PM

Trust me, you will want to listen to this.

Rev. John Allen on Meetings

John really shares about the pastoral heart in meeting leadership and what it means to keep people engaged during meetings.

He talks about two important things.

1. Be a trustworthy leader.
Let folks know you aren’t going to waste their time. You are controlling and driving the culture of meetings in your church. Remember you are a pastor and this is their church, not a boss and a business. Invest in the relationships of the people you are leading.

2. Keep people engaged.
Dream big together. Imagine. Try to inspire their creativity.
Consistently tie your work in the meeting to the larger purpose of the Church. Remember to pray and be a spiritual leader in the meeting.



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Church of the Pilgrims