Productive Pastor 12: The Great Pause

productive pastor

Since October of last year The Productive Pastor has had great success. It’s all thanks to you. The listener community for this podcast is amazing. I love how many connections have been made and the conversations that have sprung up.

Over the last two weeks I have been producing what was going to be episode 12: The App Episode. I never was able to get an interview scheduled and wasn’t satisfied with other parts of the production. I was getting frustrated with the whole thing.

Life (and Ministry) have also been chaotic. I realized if I wanted to keep up sharing and currating great content I need to take a break. And that was OK. I also need to put some energy behind a project I can really talk about just yet.

Television shows take breaks. They are called seasons.

So let’s consider episodes 1-11 the first season. This episode is here to explain a few things and add to the theological conversation about productivity.

Episode 13 will start season 2. And it will totally rock. With it, I will be rolling out some additional content to the Productive Pastor community. So keep your eyes open. Give me a month or so. (we will absolutely be back up by the middle of May. I promise).

Thanks for listening.

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  • Cal Callison

    Thanks for the podcast. I am benefitting greatly from the discussion. I’ll be looking forward to you returning. The App episode is extremely interesting to me. I use a TON of apps in ministry. I’m always on the look out for the next one. As you mentioned I think, I also am an app hoarder. Anyway, have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Cal-it will be a great season. I am excited about the App Episode as well. People use so many of them. Would you share your favorites with me?

      • Cal Callison

        Sure! I’ll start with iPad apps. Of course Evernote is tops, but you already know that. Noteshelf is great for taking notes via handwriting and keeping them organized. Write 2 is a no nonsense note taker/text editor that has some really cool themed backgrounds. When I just need to write or type some notes I like to do it there and then send to Evernote for safekeeping. Wunderlist is great for keeping tasks organized and I can do shared lists with my wife. This would work great for a large ministry project as well. You could do shared lists and collaborate.
        Scanner Pro lets you use your phone as a scanner. Feedly helps me keep up on blogs I want to read. Pocket is a great place to send articles from the web before reading and sorting out the ones I want to keep in Evernote. IFTTT helps to automate certain actions between one app and another. I haven’t used it a ton yet but I really would like to do more with it. Lastly, on my iPhone, I’ve been experimenting with Any.Do and Cal. These are two integrated todo and calendar apps that are just plain beautiful. They really have a handle on helping you figure out what the important things you need to do today are and getting those to the front of your list. Anyway, those are some that I really dig. It’s probably more than you were looking for. Anyway, have a good one!