Have you ever struggled to get new staff started? Has it caused you anxiety? It certainly did to me. This episode I want to share our new staff on-boarding system with you.

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The List

God Dreams by Will Mancini – I’ve been re-reading this book over the last week. It is fantastic. If you struggle with the idea of vision, want to be more visionary, are teaching on vision, or need anything to do with vision…go grab this book. It’s been rocking my world recently.

How I Use My Journal To Create My Future and Achieve My Goals by Benjamin P. Hardy – I’ve been all over this article several times over the last week or so. As big of a fan of notation and notebooks, it’s my jam. Plus, the author has some fantastic insights into the practice of future-casting.

Creating a Staff Onboarding System

I realized this summer I needed to be super intentional about how we brought folks on our team. I wanted them to have a great experience and to thrive as staff members. I, alongside my friend Jack, sat down and pounded this system out and we’ve started using in at my church. We started with the preferred future and then worked towards enacting that preferred future. You can grab a template for this system on trello, right here.

  1. The Preferred Future-what emotions would be present and how would the person interact with their work at the church?
  2. Turn emotions into task-specific actions
  3. What is the timeline we would like to work off of?
  4. Begin building these task-specific actions into a schedule


The kicker, is you have to run the system to make it effective. Remember, strategy is our most valuable resource and it doesn’t cost us anything.

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Resources Mentioned:

HBR on Teams 

Episode 44: Why You Should Keep a Notebook 

Episode 72: The Benefit of Backwards

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