Under the Hood: Study Retreat Recap and More | PP75

Under the Hood: Study Retreat Recap and More | PP75

I wanted to take a quick episode to do a study retreat recap and talk about some awesome things happening in Productive Pastor world.

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iTunes Review and Rating

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If you were one of the reviewers, make sure to contact me at twitter. @revchadbrooks.

Study Retreat Recap (and more).

In episode 73, I talked about my upcoming study retreat. I was super excited to take this retreat. I learned several things on my retreat.

  1. Go to a place that inspires you. It was really easy to study at the Lanier Theological Library. Almost perfect.
  2. Being by yourself for that length of time is really odd. I was surprised how tough it was.
  3. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule.

Sermons that have reach

Over a year ago I started working on a new version of my sermon worksheet. It has taken me ages to update this resource because I am making it 100x better. I am shooting for it to be out in April.

Podcasting Sermons

I have been getting more and more emails from people wanting to start podcasting their sermons. I TOTALLY believe this is a great idea for any church. I’ve started writing material to help anyone start podcasting, including buying equipment and what services they need to use.

Christians Go To Podcasts To Say Things They Can’t Say In Church (from NPR)

  • I’m looking forward to the podcasting resources. We’re already doing video every week, but I’d like to add a podcast for anyone still wanting that option. I did podcast for years at my previous church, but lost my “free” hosting solution and therefore haven’t podcasted for a few years now and have gotten behind the times on what’s best in that realm.

    • Chris-I think audio podcasting is the best resource the local church can use. I see our stats and other churches stats. Folks repeatedly turn to an audio podcast over video by around 5x.

      Hoping to have this stuff out before the summer.