Building a Sermon Engagement Strategy | Productive Pastor 60

Building a Sermon Engagement Strategy | Productive Pastor 60

Do you want to keep folks focused on Sunday? You need a sermon engagement strategy…and I’m going to help you build one! It is a chance to make the sermon stretch past Sunday.

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Building a Sermon Engagement Strategy

Engagement is the magic word. Remember, this is about making the sermon stretch past Sunday. Engagement helps folks interact, share, invite and participate. Engaged folks will serve, give, grow and be part of the mission. Sermon engagement will help you and your ministry work on discipleship every day of the week.

Carey Niewhof on engagement:
The Fully Engaged Church Podcast: Carey Niewhof on Engagement
5 Reasons Engagement Will Drive Almost All Future Growth.
Why People Are Attending Church Less Often with Will Mancini (if you listen/read to any of these…make it this one. And check out the shownotes.)

So let’s look at the 5 building blocks to help you with your sermon engagement strategy

The Sermon Preview
The sermon preview is a strategic blogpost designed to introduce people to your sermon. It isn’t some wild concept, or quick version of the sermon. It’s about marketing and it will serve as the anchor point for your whole content strategy for sermon engagement.

JR Forasteros sermon preview links

My older preview’s (using Series Engine) hosted on my site.

Current preview’s (using Smart Podcast Player) on the church website.

We’ve all seen scripture and quote images on social media. Most folks are making them via a text app on their phone. I currently love typorama for making images. is also great. I wrote this blog post a few years ago. It still has good information as far as theory and making a good image. Making Great Worship Graphics on the Cheap

If you aren’t podcasting your sermon, you need to start. Folks are engaging with podcasts all throughout the week. I’m working on more information further down the line on ministry podcasting, so keep your eyes open.

Podcast Plugins:
Series Engine

Smart Podcast Player

More on Sermon Embedding.

In the last few years, video has become more and more important. The awesome this is that anyone can do it. Your phone can put out great videos.

Think about these types of videos:
Instagram stories/Snapchat
Quick teaser videos
Full sermon video

Here is the mic I use for phone videos.

Sermon Engagement Calendar
Curious what this looks like as part of a social media schedule?  Here is the sermon engagement calendar I made up. sermon-engagement-calendar. It has suggestions and best practices on it.

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  • Richard Jones

    Great podcast, Chad! I’ve got a question. We record and post sermon audio on our website. Is that different from having a podcast? If I want to move from just doing this to making sermon recordings a podcast, what do I do? I know that is a big question, so if you just point me to a link, or guide me where to look, I’ll be happy.

    • Hey Richard-

      In a word…yes. Some folks have started using the language of podcast for any sort of audio content (or even video) posted online. Think of it as someone calling a Ford Bronco a Jeep. It’s the kinda the same…but doesn’t have the same abilities.

      A podcast has a subscription via RSS technology, the easy way to test this is to simply find out if you are able to find it in the iTunes store.

      It isn’t that hard to set up, I would recommend

  • Ashton Stewart

    We have video equipment that converts the video file to be posted to youtube each week. Any tips on ripping the audio from that video file so that we can create a podcast (or will we need to purchase an audio recorder)?

    • Richard Jones

      I am no expert, but today I used Any Video Converter to convert a youtube video to just an mp3 of the audio. Worked fine for me.