PP44: Why You Should Keep A Notebook

PP44: Why You Should Keep A Notebook

I am a HUGE notebook fan. This shouldn’t be a secret to my friends and regular listeners. If you want to keep up more with my notebookery…you can get a glimpse at instagram.com/revchadbrooks. So in this episode I am going to be sharing with you WHY you need to be keeping a notebook, some of the reasons I do and how you can set up your notebook as a modular time/project tracker.

First-I want to thank Brett Byford for his awesome review/rating in iTunes.




Why You Need To Keep A Notebook

My notebook journey has been wild. It all started out with my trying to keep up with life and ministry. I have gone through plenty of different types of notebooks. Here are some of my favorites.

Moleskine (amazon link)
Like many people, Moleskine provided the entry point into keeping a notebook. I used their paperback versions and the soft covers for years. Ultimately, they fell apart quicker than I could use them.

Rhodia (amazon link)
Rhodia makes some great notebooks. The paper is excellent and they have around 59,987 sizes. I use them for quick jots around the house and for sketching out larger things. I don’t keep up with them afterwards, just tear the sheets out and throw them away.

Muji (amazon link)
I use this specific size and paper type. They make other options, this is what works for me.

I’m also a big fan of Field Notes Brand, Seedthoughts from Seedbed and Leuchtturm1917.

Why keep a notebook?

  • to capture information
  • you can build a blank slate for your day and calendar
  • keeps information in front of you
  • keeps you present (be THE PERSON who is always taking notes! Trust me on this one).
  • You have a record of meetings, projects, ideas and your day!

Here is my blank notebook page.

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  • Thanks for sharing your planning & notebook strategies! I’m in the process of trying to get more organized and this helps a great deal.

  • John Mark Wiggers

    Thanks. I have been doing this in a small notebook for over a week now. It is great. I can actually see what is getting done! The only distraction is deciding which larger notebook I might use next!

  • Hey Chad! I started to use notebooks due to this podcast so far I love it! Had a question. I’ve gone back into your archives to check out time audits and heard other episodes talking about day sheets. Is this your most recent “day sheet” or do you still use stuff from episode 11? Thanks for your time! Enjoying the podcast!

    • Hey Chris-I’ve actually moved away from my daysheet. It was super helpful for a season, but I’m know working exclusively off my day sheet.