Podcast: The Productive Pastor


The Productive Pastor is an honest and helpful look at the struggle and joy of time management and productivity for ministry leaders. With a focus on practical tools, methods and tips, The Productive Pastor focuses on living out the called life in a hectic world. In every episode I feature several great blog posts from around the web, a focused conversation on a specific part of productivity and share a tip from the toolbox.

Here are the top 5 most popular Productive Pastor episodes


1. Why You Need a Production Calendar 

2. Building a Priority Based Schedule

3. Managing Your Week in Evernote

4. The Power of a Time Audit

5. Justin Wise on Call, Hustle and Why Goals Matter In Ministry

I absolutely am honored to be hosting the Productive Pastor conversation for ministry leaders. I don’t claim to be an expert in the field. I invite anyone interested to participate in the conversation online. Even though I am producing it for people in ministry, anyone can get some great tips and tricks out of the Productive Pastor.

Episodes are released every two weeks and for the most part are around 25 minutes. Interview episodes might run a little longer. You can interact on twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #productivepastor.

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