I love podcasts. I first got into them in 2005 when the idea of RSS technology really started taking off. I  remember when iTunes got into the podcast business and revolutionized podcasting. I had a 20 minute commute and enjoyed listening on my way to and from work. Meredith and I would cue up our favorites for trips.

I got out of the podcast habit (with the exception of Bigfoot podcasts) for several years. Meredith stayed into them and started finding some favorites she has been listening to since. Around a year ago I picked up podcasts again and I haven’t looked back.

Even though my commute is shorter (I can get from the house to the church before my seatbelt reminder dings), I always find time to listen to them. Lately it is in my shop or when I take walks in the evening.

Here are my undoubtedly favorite podcasts.

This is quite the eclectic mixture, but I don’t miss an episode of any of them.

The Bigfoot Show: The hosts of TBS have risen to the top of all of sasquatchery. They also put on  pretty entertaining content. The episodes tend to run long and they don’t update that often, but each show is totally worth it. If any of you think the idea of the great North American primate is sheer quackery…listen to these guys. (iTunes)

#Think Digital. Justin Wise is a renowned social media and communication strategist. He also loves 90’s rap music. Both get equal play time on his show. Justin provides really direct content and communicates it in a way anyone would enjoy. (iTunes)

The Evernote Podcast: Evernote is one of my favorite apps. This podcast goes through updates, new ideas on how to use Evernote and other tech related news. (iTunes)

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast (iTunes link): Andy Stanley is a pastor and writer/thinker in the area of leadership. I absolutely eat up almost everything he thinks. Even if you aren’t a person of faith he can teach you amazing things about communication and organizational management.

This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt: This is the podcast that brought me back to podcasts. Michael’s writing has been a favorite of mine for the last few years and the podcast brings it all into a completely different realm. He talks about productivity, vision, creativity and a host of other things. He also spends tons of time focusing on creating personal platforms.(iTunes)

You need to be listening to podcasts. They are a great (and free) way to bring plenty of information into your life. If you have an interest, there is a corresponding podcast. Podcasts are also a great way to reach out and explore new interests. If you believe in self education Podcasts provide a great resource to learn from the best out there. Plus they are pretty cool.

I even started a podcast a few months ago with two of my really good friends Drew and Joshua called The Threshing Floor. We focus on the idea of spiritual journey and talk about current topics affecting our own journey and those of our listeners. We also mention Willie Nelson in every episode. I would love for you to give us a listen here or subscribe in iTunes.

Do you listen to podcasts and what are your favorites?