Introducing the Productive Pastor Podcast

productive pastor

Over the last 6 months I have jumped headlong into podcasting. I have started listening to around 15 regularly. You can read about my favorites here. I am also privileged to produce and host The Threshing Floor alongside two great friends. It is a great show and I always look forward to it. You figure that would be enough….

In the last couple of months I have been contemplating how to share a good amount of content I just didn’t think would fit the overall vibe of this blog. I really try to stress several things and my fascination with productivity and ministry would cause conflicting vision. I have found myself in some amazing conversations about the topic both online and offline. After talking about my ideas with some friends, I think the best way to get it out is to start another podcast.

Let me introduce you to the Productive Pastor Podcast.

The Productive Pastor is an honest and helpful look at the struggle and joy of time management and productivity for ministry leaders. With a focus on practical tools, methods and tips The Productive Pastor focuses on living out the called life in a hectic world.

Episodes will generally be around 20 minutes and will focus not just time management, but also the theological idea of productivity. Even though I am producing it for people in ministry, anyone can get some great tips and tricks out of it. I will host it through

The preview episode is only 8 minutes long and will hopefully get you excited for the first episode and season to begin on November 1st. You can join the conversation on twitter with #productivepastor. I would love for you to leave an iTunes review!


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  • I listen to productivity podcasts and was hoping someone would eventually work on one for pastors. Glad it is you!

    • I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for your kind words. Drop a review and I will keep Toepper from threatening you!

  • Matt Stout

    I’m pretty excited about this. Love the Threshing Floor, and am looking forward to this too.

    • The Threshing Floor has some big news coming down the pipeline. I would really appreciate a review on both of the podcasts on iTunes. That would really help us out!

  • Patrick Largen

    Appreciate the podcast. One request: I listen to a lot of podcasts and yours is the quietest. Any chance you can up the gain? Thanks for doing this podcast!

    • Patrick-thanks for listening! Thanks for the tip. I am continually trying to get the best possible quality. I appreciate you asking about the gain, it is certainly on the list of what we are trying to get better. Is it an issue across the board or just in the first couple of episodes? I changed the entire signal path between episode 1 and 2.

      • Patrick Largen

        I didn’t say anything the first 2 episodes because I knew you were probably still getting your setup figured out. I think starting with a hotter signal, using a compressor and then normalizing your final master should do it. What software are you using to record and edit?

        • Patrick-just shot you an email. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.