I’m always wanting to explore how people are using new media. Earlier this summer, I started (very mildly) vlogging with Youtube. I’ve enjoyed it, but it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of time. I still enjoy it, but it takes too much time up to really get into the platform. This week, I’m experimenting with Anchor.fm

As much as I love video, I still think we are moving into an economy of audio. Most of our cars have bluetooth and/or aux jacks. With smartphones, we can play audio pretty much wherever we are. It’s no secret how much I believe in podcasting. Between Productive Pastor, The Threshing Floor, FOUNDRYcast and other experiments, I think podcasting is a fantastic way for ministry leaders to reach and influence folks.

Anchor.fm is a new audio delivery service with some fantastic ideas. You can create content right on your phone, stream music and many other things. I love the call in feature as well. So I’m experimenting in and with Anchor. I’m thinking of shorter bits of content with some music thrown in. Really light and super real life focused.

Check it out here: