Have you ever heard of Evernote?

Evernote is a software solution accessible via online, desktop and mobile applications. It is designed to be your digital brain…and I have to tell you, I’d be lost without it. Over the last few years, I have found myself searching for more and more solutions and use cases involving Evernote. Once I find them, I can’t wait to share them with other ministry leaders. I do this primarily through The Productive Pastor Podcast. Here I have collected all of my Evernote focused episodes, blog posts and other tools.

Organizing Workflow Templates in Evernote | PP56

Welcome back to Productive Pastor. In this episode, I share some amazing workflow templates I’ve built out and use constantly in Evernote. Front Matter How To Find Your Most Productive Hours. Trello Blog I read this a couple of weeks back and I was amazed. It gave such a great pathway to creating an experimentation plan to learn your most productive hours and days. You need to check this out. A big thanks to our iTunes Reviewers for this episode. If you want to hear your name on the podcast, just leave a rating and review. You can do so right here. Organizing Workflow Templates in Evernote. I’m a big fan of templates AND Evernote. You can hear more about them in these two episodes of Productive Pastor Up Your Productivity With Templates. Productive Pastor 6 Managing Your Week With Evernote. Productive Pastor 49 I love building out workflow’s inside Evernote because of these three things Repetition Builds Response It gets in your brain The workflow becomes a rhythm Having Effectiveness Systematized is Worth It Saves time Let’s you keep more balls in the air (and not drop the ones you are responsible for) It can make handing tasks off easier Creativity Just working through it keeps your mind clearer Learn other ways to¬†organize and clean up things The boundaries invite expression. Shared Evernote Workflows/Templates Sermon Sheet Sermon Production Checklist Weekly Tasks Blank (my weekly list) Contact Sheet Journal Sheet Bible reading 1000 Questions to Ask of the Text (episode 2) Preaching Rocket and it’s 4 questions Facebook Contact Workflow (Hacking Facebook Lists for Ministry Effectiveness) Event Evaluation Mentioned...

Managing Your Week with Evernote | PP 49

Did you know you can use Evernote to order and organize your week? I use Evernote for nearly everything and the two tasks that I can’t imagine NOT using it is ordering my week and ordering my contact list. Front Matter iTunes Reviews. THANKS!!!             Productive Pastor in Google Play Store. Managing Your Week in Evernote I use Evernote to manage my daily repeatable tasks. I make mention of several previous episodes and I will link them in the bottom of the shownotes. For me, Evernote is an amazing tool to keep up with the small tasks I do every week on the same exact same day. I am always curating my weekly work template for the best effective use of my time, energy and mind space. This is what I am currently using my focus days for. Monday -> AM. Sabbath. PM. Visitor Contact, Team Communication, Basic Administration and Sermon Preparation. Tuesday -> AM. Administration. PM. Long Range Planning and High Impact Projects. Staff Meeting Wednesday -> AM. Sermon Preparation. PM. Meeting with People. Thursday -> AM Sermon Preparation. PM. Writing and Medium Projects Friday -> Sermon Preparation. PM. Projects and People So each day gets a checklist of repeatable tasks. Honestly, these lists get pretty sparse as the week goes on. I try to reserve Mondays and Tuesdays for these type of tasks. I also use Evernote to keep up with one of my main goals. I try to stay in contact with 2-3 new people a day and 5-7 existing church folks a day. On Monday, during my weekly planning session,...

PP45: Maximizing Ministry with Evernote

Do you use Evernote? If you don’t, this episode is all about maximizing ministry with Evernote. It’s no secret how much I think Evernote is a crucial ministry tool. I have spoke about it quite often, but have never devoted a full episode to this AMAZING app. Maximizing Ministry With Evernote Starting Evernote The first suggestion I always make is to download the (free) desktop Evernote app. This makes it substantially easier to use. Then, get your evernote email address and find a clipper app for your browser. This biggest secret is to simply USE Evernote. How I use Evernote I am dropping information into Evernote constantly. If I need to remember more than 1 time. I save .pdf’s and pictures checklists and templates long range documents 5 Ways to use Evernote for maximizing ministry. Staff Meetings I set up a note with the word “staff meeting” and the date in the title. I then take notes as normal. Whatever I need to drop into the note I can, urls, documents or just notes. Sermon Planning This is where I get ALL UP IN Evernote. I start a notebook with the sermon series. Every sermon gets a note and then there is a random catchall for the series. I am constantly dropping things in these folders. It helps me built up a cohesive library for my preaching. One on Ones They can be discipleship meetings or meetings with staff. I simply use the persons name as a note and date it. Whatever I need to make note of, to remember or refer back to…it’s there. Reading Notes I did...

Evernote Essentials

Do you want to become an Evernote Rock-Star? The tool that has fast-tracked my own Evernote usage (and inspired many of my favorite use cases) is Brett Kelly’s Evernote Essentials. Pick up a copy.

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