I’m a tad bit obsessed with my whiteboard. I probably use it and fill it up around 10x a week. And that’s just my main one. I have 4 at the house. People ask me about my whiteboard problem all the time, mainly because it shows up on my instagram channel a good bit. I get asked about supplies often, so here is a DIY Whiteboard shopping list.

DIY Whiteboard Shopping List

  1. You need a surface. I use this from Home Depot, but any big box store should have something. You want to look for a smooth surface, with absolutely no texture. Some folks choose to use a car wax on the surface, but the last few I have built haven’t really needed it.
  2. I’ve tried TONS of whiteboard markers. The best, absolutely hands down, is the Amazon basics brand. They are thick, leave great lines and keep a good tip.
  3. Since this is a DIY solution, you will need to get some marker fluid. Trust me. The best I have found is the Evererase  Everclean fluid.
  4. I’ve done the dance with shop towels, microfiber cloths and anything else I can find. Now, I just buy a whiteboard eraser. Any will do, these are what I typically go for.

I’m going to do a build video for my next whiteboard, but until then, I hope this shopping list helps. Leave a picture of your complete setup in the comments!