Experimenting with Anchor.FM

Experimenting with Anchor.FM

I’m always wanting to explore how people are using new media. Earlier this summer, I started (very mildly) vlogging with Youtube. I’ve enjoyed it, but it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of time. I still enjoy it, but it takes too much time up to really get into the platform. This week, I’m experimenting with Anchor.fm

As much as I love video, I still think we are moving into an economy of audio. Most of our cars have bluetooth and/or aux jacks. With smartphones, we can play audio pretty much wherever we are. It’s no secret how much I believe in podcasting. Between Productive Pastor, The Threshing Floor, FOUNDRYcast and other experiments, I think podcasting is a fantastic way for ministry leaders to reach and influence folks.

Anchor.fm is a new audio delivery service with some fantastic ideas. You can create content right on your phone, stream music and many other things. I love the call in feature as well. So I’m experimenting in and with Anchor. I’m thinking of shorter bits of content with some music thrown in. Really light and super real life focused.

Check it out here:


Behind the Sermon | Everybody is a Neighbor

Behind the Sermon | Everybody is a Neighbor

I’ve started a new experiment. I’ve been thinking of vlogging these last few weeks, and ultimately, after pouring over youtube, realized I wanted to start working through an honest week of sermon writing. I couldn’t find pastors regularly vlogging, so I am curious how this all works out.

So without any added fanfare, here’s the first episode of Behind the Sermon. If you dig it, please subscribe on youtube.



And here is the sermon this week produced.


2017 Reading

2017 Reading

Every year I try to read more and read better. A few years back, Jon Acuff started the #EmptyShelf project, with folks sharing their reading each year by adding books to a…(wait for it)…empty shelf. So here are the books I’ve read in 2017 so far, and a quick review. Hopefully find some great books to read.

2017 Reading

Imagine Heaven by John Burke
I first heard about this book from a series Carey Nieuwhof preached at Connexus Church. I recommended the series to a friend who had some questions about death and ended up listening to all 6 sermons in one day! I picked up the book the next day and read it in 2 days. John wrote a fantastic book about near death experiences and what we can correlate them to in scripture. This is a fascinating and fantastic read. Some folks might be a little highbrow over the entire concept, but I highly recommend the book AND preached series. You can find John Burke’s resources to preach the series here.

Deep Work
Cal Newport wrote a fantastic piece for anyone who practices thought work and needs to find the time to work better. This whole idea started off with a few conversations with my friend Isaac and went deeper on an episode of Productive Pastor. It took a longer time for me to read, but I kept find myself soaking and wanting to go deeper and deeper.

What Is The Bible
A few years ago, Rob Bell was castigated, called a heretic, and left his church. This is his first book since the controversial Love Wins, and it is fantastic. I picked it up on a whim, I heard about the book listening to an episode of Robcast. I was curious as to what it would be like and what Rob’s ministry looks like right now. I was only a few chapters in when I realized how good this book was. It is 97% not-controversial. If you love his style of exegesis and story-telling, pick it up.

Resources for better reading

Do you want to read better? Here are some resources on reading and keeping up with your reading.

Why You Need To Build A Trello Reading List – Blog Post

How To Read For Maximum Effectiveness – Productive Pastor 26

Previous Years Reading Lists

2014 reading

2015 reading plan 

2015 reading (#fail) 

My 5 Favorite Reads of 2016

The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Dave Shrein | Productive Pastor 57

The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Dave Shrein | Productive Pastor 57

I am excited about this episode of Productive Pastor. I am *attempting to start running weekly episodes. The odd weeks (outside of the older episode structure) will be interview and conversation focused. Our first episode with this new format will be Dave Shrein. Dave is a social entrepreneur who has led in the communication sector for years. I wanted to grab Dave and have a conversation about marketing in ministry and what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Dave Shrein

  • Arizona vs. Louisiana
  • Church and Social Media
  • From worship leader to entrepreneur
  • Church technical arts and marketing
  • What has God wired you to do in order to communicate with specific people?
  • Marketing and Church
  • Love people and generate the ability to love them even more
  • God has created people in our community who are waiting to hear from us.
  • Making a bigger impact by acting like a 30,000 ft leader.
  • God using everything He has done in your life to prepare you for this new move
  • The Church world has a lot to learn and a lot to redeem
  • The Mindset of an Entrepreneur
  • Clouds and Dirt
  • The Rhythm of going up and going down
  • Visioning and Executing
  • The power of resourcefulness
  • The audacity that Jesus is going to do it
  • Doing the chores
  • Lean upon the people with the gifts and resources that you don’t
  • Be aware of what is out there
  • What does it mean to have unique gifts and abilities?


Jon Acuff’s Books

Carey Nieuwhof | Why We Need More Entrepreneurial Church Leaders, Not More Shepards 

Find out more from Dave at:



Church Marketing Podcast


How To Discern Big Goals | PP50

How To Discern Big Goals | PP50

Welcome to the 50th Episode of Productive Pastor! I am going to help you learn how to discern big goals in this episode…but until then, there is even more awesome stuff I want to share with you.

  1. Productive Music.
    Lately, I have been fascinated with the music people use to get into a productive zone. I’ve shared a few articles on the Productive Pastor Facebook page. Share with me what music keeps you in a productive mindset on twitter. I’m @revchadbooks.
  2. iTunes Review and Ratings. 
    We’ve had two great reviews over the last couple of weeks. A big thanks to these listeners! You can leave one right here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 8.35.51 PM

  1. 3. Giving Rocket May special.
    So my friends at The Rocket Company are giving away some great (FREE) training this month AND heavily discounting Giving Rocket, one of their core coaching programs. I have spent over 1k on Giving Rocket and it is absolutely worth every penny. If you want to be part of this special training, subscribe to my insider list right here. I give away my daily worksheet through the list AND you will have quick access to these amazing videos.

How To Discern Big Goals

I hear from folks constantly needing help about goals. Some people need helping creating systems and checklists and others have a tough time actually filtering what is worth being a goal. Let me take you through three movements of  how to discern big goals.

  1. Questions.
    Think about these things. Here are the first questions I use…and I’m sure you can come up with more.
  • What would radically change things?
  • What holes exist currently?
  • What problems repeatedly arise (handle this proactively)
  • What would give us a new “normal”?

2. Dreams
Take the time to think about what could be. Think about what a new future reality could look like.

  •  What would the environment of completing this goal look like?
  • What would be different?
  • How would it be different?

This is the space where you think about what manipulating and changing parameters could do.

3. Implementation
Now begin putting these things together. I’m a big fan of sitting down and taking a massive amount of notes. Don’t        worry about building it into systems and pathways yet.

  • Step your goal back.
  • Begin creating steps
  • Find mini-goals
  • Discern if your main goal is way too big. How can you transform this into a reachable win?
  • What are the bottlenecks in your way? How can you fix them?
  • What do you need to do to cause the dreams to happen?

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