5 Podcast Episodes | 8.12.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 8.12.16

Every week I curate a list of 5 great podcast episodes. This week is focused on great easy-to-listen educational and historical content.

King of Kings III | Hardcore History with Dan Carlin 7.7.16
Ok. This is the podcast of podcasts. Episodes of Hardcore History are only released every 4-6 months. The newest episode came out this week and it clocks in at over 5 hrs. I spent most of my driving time this week listening to it. I’ve heard the hoopla about Carlin and this podcast before and I can now say I’ve totally drank the kool-aid.

Klondike Big Inch and Land Promotion | Stuff You Missed in History Class 7.30.14
I share this podcast pretty often, but that’s because they have a huge catalog and I find it perfect for longer drives. I love how they find fantastical events from the past and explain them. This one is all about a cereal company doing a land giveaway in Gold territory.

Odin-In the Land of the Blind | Myths and Legends 7.26.16
The Myths and Legends podcast broke onto the scene last year. It quickly rose to the top of iTunes charts. For folks into fables and tall tales of yore, it’s downright perfect. The creator goes in and out of a Viking kick. This is a great episode.

Route Talk | Serial 
Serial was the podcast that changed everything. This summer, the focus of season 1 Adnan Syed was able to get his court case reopened. Many people believe this is because of the focus the podcast put on his nearly 20-year-old conviction. For folks who doubt the power of investigative journalism, this is the perfect episode. Make sure you click through to the shownotes as well.

Stranger Things Podcast
Not an episode, but a whole show. One of my favorite types of podcasts are the shows that serve as “after-shows” for television. They are especially awesome for TV shows like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. It is also a great way to get into listening to and making your own podcasts. Folks are all over Stranger Things, a new Netflix Original television show. This is the accompanying podcast. I’m stoked to start the show AND the podcast together.

5 Podcast Episodes | 8.5.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 8.5.16

Every week I curate a list of great podcast episodes. This week is all over the place, but they are fantastic. Make sure to check them out.

1. The Showrunner dilemma. The Showrunner Podcast. 7.20.16

The Showrunner podcast is all about the craft of podcasting. These guys are fantastic. I absolutely love the show. This episode gets super interesting as it talks about work/life balance and how much you can *actually keep going.

2. How Night Terrors Work. Stuff You Should Know. 8.2.16

Josh and Chuck do a fantastic job dissecting all sorts of things. In this episode, the pull apart the idea of Night Terrors. Awesome content.

3. Podcasting for Pastors and Ministries with Jonathan Howe. Art of the Sermon. 7.7.16

Art of the Sermon has taken a little of a content shift and this episode is wonderful. I think every ministry leader needs to think about podcasting, and Dan found a great guest to talk about the subject with. Jonathan is the host of the formidable Rainer on Leadership podcast and certainly knows his stuff!

4. Sending. Sacred Ordinary Days 6.8.16

I discovered the Sacred Ordinary Days podcast this week. They put together an awesome planner based off the liturgical year and the first season of their podcast was devoted to the church calendar. I listened to about half the season on a drive this week and it is super interesting.

5. Branding Your Story with Donald Miller. Entreleadership 7.13.15

I’ve been researching the power of story for an upcoming sermon series. This was a great conversation on realizing the power of your own personal story.

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.22.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.22.16

Every week I curate 5 great podcast episodes for folks. I spend around 15 hrs a week listening to podcasts, so I go through PLENTY. This week’s episodes have a great blend of tech, business and story-telling.

Website Office Lobby | Orthogonal 7.14.16

I was really excited to discover Brett Kelly (of Evernote fame) is hosting a new podcast. This episode is all about the physical space of work. As someone who works remotely 90% of the time, this was an incredible episode to put in my ears.

Did Evernote Just Price Themselves Out Of Reach? | Digi How To 

In keeping up with the Evernote conversation, this podcast has a great overview of the changing price structures in Evernote. I use the program constantly, and I am already in at the premium level (currently $5 a month, but it is going up a tad), so a little increase isn’t a big deal. Folks have been asking me my thoughts, so this should help you out.

We Can’t Work All the Time | HBR IdeaCast 7.14.16

I’ve been looking for a new business podcast or two and I was stoked to dig in deep to the Harvard Business Review show. I’m a big fan of their writing. This episode is an amazing conversation about work, work load, and work/life balance.

3 Ways to Deliver Value and Delight Your Customers |Storybrand Podcast 

Donald Miller (of Blue Like Jazz) has a great new podcast. In this episode, he sits down with David Salyers, Chick-fil-A’s VIP of Brand Activation. It is a great peek into an amazing company culture.

Unearthed! In July! | Stuff You Missed in History 7.18.16

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Twice a year they share amazing historical finds from around the world. This is the latest.

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.1.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.1.16

This has been a great week for podcasts. I ran an abnormal amount of errands and spent plenty of time in the truck. With my new radio, it makes podcasts even easier to consume.

Every week I curate a list of the 5 best episodes I listened to this week. They are pretty varied, but I think each one of them is worth a listen.

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.1.16

How To Train and Develop More Leaders More Quickly: Scott Magdalein | Carey Nieuwhof 6.20.16
Carey’s podcast is one I had to set a personal rule over. I can’t share every episode he puts out. His content is that fantastic. This episode is all about creating a digital engagement strategy for developing new leaders. I probably cued up this episode 3 times and ultimately ended up connecting with Scott. TrainedUp is fantastic.

Bigger Than Bacon | RADIOLAB 5.9.16
The content in this episode is really interesting. RADIOLAB produces an excellent podcast. But the standout part of this episode is the amazing soundscape created by Simon Adler and Molly Webster

There’s Not Enough Pink Pens | The Pen Addict 6.15.16
I’m a big fan of pens and the Pen Addict website and podcast. What I love about this episode is the conversation they have on business development, leadership and making tough decisions. Didn’t expect that coming!

Pocahontas: the Empire Business | Myths and Legends 6.15.16
The Myths & Legends podcast is one of my favorites. They take stories we *think we know, but dig deep into the true back story and the stories behind all of it. I also think about how long-form storytelling might affect churches and how they teach.

Bob Goff and James KA Smith | Catalyst Podcast 6.16.16
Most folks know about Catalyst, the massively moving and influential Christian leadership conference. I was FLOORED to see they interviews Jamie Smith…aka my favorite Calvinist. Such a fantastic conversation about habits and how the affect us.

5 Podcast Episodes | 6.24.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 6.24.16

Every week I curate a list of 5 great podcast episodes. Some are recent and some are archived. Some are practical ministry and others are downright interesting. Here is this weeks list.

5 Podcast Episodes for 6.24.16

The Lady Vanishes | Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History. (6.16.16)
This is a brand new show from esteemed author and futurist Malcom Gladwell. It explores what might have happened if history worked out differently.

Using Media in Preaching and Teaching with Brady Shearer | Art of the Sermon (6.2.16)
I am a big far of Art of the Sermon. This is an incredible conversation with a creative teacher and leader about the space of media inside of preaching.

7 Attitudes of Leaders Who Multiply Teams | UnSeminary
One of the tasks I always want to learn more about is inspiring and sending out new leaders. This is a great episode from Rich Birch

How To Never (ever) Forget an Important Idea Again | The Showrunner (6.15.16)
I am a champ at forgetting things. If you are a thought leader, creative or pastor…remembering is such an important tool.

Tim Ferriss on Podcasting, Productivity, Experimentation, and if He Had to Start Over | Smart Passive Income Podcast (5.24.14)
This is a serious archive post, but I love Pat Flynn and I love Tim Ferris. This is such a great episode and it makes us all think about intentional focus and living out our call.

Join us back next week for another list!


5 Podcasts Episodes | 6.17.16

5 Podcasts Episodes | 6.17.16

I consume a pretty large amount of podcast content. I’ve decided to share the best, most interesting or just recommended podcast episodes I listen to each week. Some of these are new episodes, some are ones I found digging in archives or shows I’ve just recently started listening to. As I talk to more and more people about podcasts, I realize they don’t often realize how large the library of shows is out there. So I’ve decided to share the 5 most interesting episodes I’ve listened to this week.

5 Podcast Episodes 6.17.16

How to Become Batman | Invisibilia (1.23.15)
This is an amazing story about people and how they put themselves in relationship to those around them and their surroundings.

Lane Jones and the Ups and Downs of Early North Point | Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast (6.7.16)
For anyone fascinated and interested with the ministry design of North Point in Atlanta, Ga (yes. THAT North Point), this is a must listen episode. There is history, lessons learned and insights into what made that church radically different 25 years ago.

Prom | This American Life (5.1.16,  6.1.08)
This was replayed in TAL’s feed this summer. It is a fantastic look at a great story AND the power of narrative storytelling.

5 Ways to Follow Up With New Volunteers (with Tyler Smith) | Pro Church Tools (6.7.2016)
Brady and his crew pump out AMAZING content for church leaders. Full disclosure…I listened to this episode 3 times. Great stuff.

The Unsolved Mystery of The Disappearance of the Sodder Children | Stuff You Should Know (5.19.16)
Ok. This story has been making the rounds of the history based podcasts (a genre I’m really into). When one of my favorite shows does an episode on it, I’ll give it a listen. This is a WILD story.

This week was all about the story shows and group conversations. These are some of my favorite types of podcasts. I’ve got some great training type stuff lined up for next week as well as more practical ministry shows. That will make next week’s list totally different.

What podcast episodes did you dig this week? Share them in the comments or tweet them to me at @revchadbrooks