I grew up in a neighborhood full of rent houses. They were all flash built in several years. It was the perfect place to raise children. Almost every house had a kid my age. Consequently, these circumstances meant it was a horrible place to trick or treat. Between a bunch of broke young families not having the money to really do it up AND having their own children to cart around…we had to go offsite.

Everyone remembers doing this. You head over to the rich part of town on October 31st. These are the houses that have all sorts of surprises. Guys in costume jumping out and scaring you, automatic ghosts falling out of the tree and Big Candy Bars.

You know, not this fun size nonsense…

but full-size, Gas Station candy bars.

Those houses are remembered.

They might even be marked on a map by some grubby hands covered in nougat and caramel.

How do our churches fit into this scheme? Are we known for starlight mints, the mini Reece’s cups or a big Butterfinger? This isn’t about how much $$$ we give away…but the gospel message we deliver. Do we talk about an abundant life with God or bemoan the loss of a previous Christian culture? Are we pushing forward to better express the life of the sacrificing Son of God? Do we think and talk like Jesus really saves us?

As Christians, the call to the Kingdom of God should be ever present in our vision. The writers of the Gospel show us this message is a reality we can hardly comprehend. We need to express this fullness in every way, shape, and form. In each community, this looks different.

What works for me will be different from you.

But we need to load up. Fill up the proverbial bucket with the good stuff. Don’t hold back. People remember who gave them the best.