There is power in new beginnings. New beginnings provide the opportunity to evaluate the past and to state the future hope resting and operating in the present. New beginnings are a chance to take hold of what is rightfully yours and to imagine possibilities.

This new website is exactly that, a new beginning.

For over six years I blogged at on a variety of topics. Sometimes it was personal, at other times it was my version of an academic blog. I thought out loud about worship on its own, and about worship as a prefiguring of the end of times.

What most people seemed to enjoy the most was how I discussed the intersection of culture and faith (like what pastors can learn from Kim Kardashian about Twitter).

It was fine and good.

But it wasn’t great.

It wasn’t much of a priority either.

Over the last few months I felt it was time for a new beginning. To wipe the slate clean. To not worry about the tiny niches of Google search rankings. To begin again. Jeff Goins challenged me to do this, as he has experienced it himself.

So this is my new beginning.

I will keep the same focus and zero in on the idea of “Worshiping a God Who Comes to Our World.” I used to describe this idea with three words: worship, society and the inbreaking kingdom. But since then I have spent two years outside of academia and in the real world, preaching weekly and attempting to lead and live the Christian life alongside others. I am coming to the realization that worship, culture and the inbreaking kingdom is a big thing, but I want to talk about it in a much simpler way.

The first few posts of this new blog will be about why worship, the world we live in and a God who comes to us is important. From there, I will use these themes to talk about life as we live it now, with Jesus.

Many of you have been with me for a while and I hope you will stick around for this new blog. For those who might be encountering my blog for the first time, you can expect me to share about many different thingsā€¦one of which is a sincere desire to find Bigfoot.

Thanks for being part of my journey, and for allowing me to be a part of yours.