Every week I curate a list of 5 great podcast episodes. Some are recent and some are archived. Some are practical ministry and others are downright interesting. Here is this weeks list.

5 Podcast Episodes for 6.24.16

The Lady Vanishes | Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History. (6.16.16)
This is a brand new show from esteemed author and futurist Malcom Gladwell. It explores what might have happened if history worked out differently.

Using Media in Preaching and Teaching with Brady Shearer | Art of the Sermon (6.2.16)
I am a big far of Art of the Sermon. This is an incredible conversation with a creative teacher and leader about the space of media inside of preaching.

7 Attitudes of Leaders Who Multiply Teams | UnSeminary
One of the tasks I always want to learn more about is inspiring and sending out new leaders. This is a great episode from Rich Birch

How To Never (ever) Forget an Important Idea Again | The Showrunner (6.15.16)
I am a champ at forgetting things. If you are a thought leader, creative or pastor…remembering is such an important tool.

Tim Ferriss on Podcasting, Productivity, Experimentation, and if He Had to Start Over | Smart Passive Income Podcast (5.24.14)
This is a serious archive post, but I love Pat Flynn and I love Tim Ferris. This is such a great episode and it makes us all think about intentional focus and living out our call.

Join us back next week for another list!