Every week I curate a list of great podcast episodes. This week is all over the place, but they are fantastic. Make sure to check them out.

1. The Showrunner dilemma. The Showrunner Podcast. 7.20.16

The Showrunner podcast is all about the craft of podcasting. These guys are fantastic. I absolutely love the show. This episode gets super interesting as it talks about work/life balance and how much you can *actually keep going.

2. How Night Terrors Work. Stuff You Should Know. 8.2.16

Josh and Chuck do a fantastic job dissecting all sorts of things. In this episode, the pull apart the idea of Night Terrors. Awesome content.

3. Podcasting for Pastors and Ministries with Jonathan Howe. Art of the Sermon. 7.7.16

Art of the Sermon has taken a little of a content shift and this episode is wonderful. I think every ministry leader needs to think about podcasting, and Dan found a great guest to talk about the subject with. Jonathan is the host of the formidable Rainer on Leadership podcast and certainly knows his stuff!

4. Sending. Sacred Ordinary Days 6.8.16

I discovered the Sacred Ordinary Days podcast this week. They put together an awesome planner based off the liturgical year and the first season of their podcast was devoted to the church calendar. I listened to about half the season on a drive this week and it is super interesting.

5. Branding Your Story with Donald Miller. Entreleadership 7.13.15

I’ve been researching the power of story for an upcoming sermon series. This was a great conversation on realizing the power of your own personal story.