Every week I curate 5 great podcast episodes for folks. I spend around 15 hrs a week listening to podcasts, so I go through PLENTY. This week’s episodes have a great blend of tech, business and story-telling.

Website Office Lobby | Orthogonal 7.14.16

I was really excited to discover Brett Kelly (of Evernote fame) is hosting a new podcast. This episode is all about the physical space of work. As someone who works remotely 90% of the time, this was an incredible episode to put in my ears.

Did Evernote Just Price Themselves Out Of Reach? | Digi How To 

In keeping up with the Evernote conversation, this podcast has a great overview of the changing price structures in Evernote. I use the program constantly, and I am already in at the premium level (currently $5 a month, but it is going up a tad), so a little increase isn’t a big deal. Folks have been asking me my thoughts, so this should help you out.

We Can’t Work All the Time | HBR IdeaCast 7.14.16

I’ve been looking for a new business podcast or two and I was stoked to dig in deep to the Harvard Business Review show. I’m a big fan of their writing. This episode is an amazing conversation about work, work load, and work/life balance.

3 Ways to Deliver Value and Delight Your Customers |Storybrand Podcast 

Donald Miller (of Blue Like Jazz) has a great new podcast. In this episode, he sits down with David Salyers, Chick-fil-A’s VIP of Brand Activation. It is a great peek into an amazing company culture.

Unearthed! In July! | Stuff You Missed in History 7.18.16

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Twice a year they share amazing historical finds from around the world. This is the latest.