This has been a great week for podcasts. I ran an abnormal amount of errands and spent plenty of time in the truck. With my new radio, it makes podcasts even easier to consume.

Every week I curate a list of the 5 best episodes I listened to this week. They are pretty varied, but I think each one of them is worth a listen.

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.1.16

How To Train and Develop More Leaders More Quickly: Scott Magdalein | Carey Nieuwhof 6.20.16
Carey’s podcast is one I had to set a personal rule over. I can’t share every episode he puts out. His content is that fantastic. This episode is all about creating a digital engagement strategy for developing new leaders. I probably cued up this episode 3 times and ultimately ended up connecting with Scott. TrainedUp is fantastic.

Bigger Than Bacon | RADIOLAB 5.9.16
The content in this episode is really interesting. RADIOLAB produces an excellent podcast. But the standout part of this episode is the amazing soundscape created by Simon Adler and Molly Webster

There’s Not Enough Pink Pens | The Pen Addict 6.15.16
I’m a big fan of pens and the Pen Addict website and podcast. What I love about this episode is the conversation they have on business development, leadership and making tough decisions. Didn’t expect that coming!

Pocahontas: the Empire Business | Myths and Legends 6.15.16
The Myths & Legends podcast is one of my favorites. They take stories we *think we know, but dig deep into the true back story and the stories behind all of it. I also think about how long-form storytelling might affect churches and how they teach.

Bob Goff and James KA Smith | Catalyst Podcast 6.16.16
Most folks know about Catalyst, the massively moving and influential Christian leadership conference. I was FLOORED to see they interviews Jamie Smith…aka my favorite Calvinist. Such a fantastic conversation about habits and how the affect us.