5 Podcast Episodes | 7.22.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.22.16

Every week I curate 5 great podcast episodes for folks. I spend around 15 hrs a week listening to podcasts, so I go through PLENTY. This week’s episodes have a great blend of tech, business and story-telling.

Website Office Lobby | Orthogonal 7.14.16

I was really excited to discover Brett Kelly (of Evernote fame) is hosting a new podcast. This episode is all about the physical space of work. As someone who works remotely 90% of the time, this was an incredible episode to put in my ears.

Did Evernote Just Price Themselves Out Of Reach? | Digi How To 

In keeping up with the Evernote conversation, this podcast has a great overview of the changing price structures in Evernote. I use the program constantly, and I am already in at the premium level (currently $5 a month, but it is going up a tad), so a little increase isn’t a big deal. Folks have been asking me my thoughts, so this should help you out.

We Can’t Work All the Time | HBR IdeaCast 7.14.16

I’ve been looking for a new business podcast or two and I was stoked to dig in deep to the Harvard Business Review show. I’m a big fan of their writing. This episode is an amazing conversation about work, work load, and work/life balance.

3 Ways to Deliver Value and Delight Your Customers |Storybrand Podcast 

Donald Miller (of Blue Like Jazz) has a great new podcast. In this episode, he sits down with David Salyers, Chick-fil-A’s VIP of Brand Activation. It is a great peek into an amazing company culture.

Unearthed! In July! | Stuff You Missed in History 7.18.16

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Twice a year they share amazing historical finds from around the world. This is the latest.

Building a Bible Reading Routine | Productive Pastor 55

Building a Bible Reading Routine | Productive Pastor 55

Do you struggle with Bible reading? Even folks in ministry have problems with a Bible reading routine. No matter what your 9-5 is, I want to help you out in this episode of Productive Pastor.

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I’ve spent the last week on vacation. It was AMAZING. Many of my listeners know my Dad is also a pastor. We spent the week talking and reflecting about how hard vacations can be in ministry. There are some great new resources out about vacationing.

Michael Hyatt on How To Vacation Like A Pro

Carey Nieuwhof on Why Driven People Suck at Vacations (and 5 Ways To Fix it). 

Awesome Vacations and Exactly How to Make Them Work

Building a Bible Reading Routine



Let’s be honest. How well do you do with daily Bible reading? Yes. Even in ministry some of us stink at it. My own journey was all over the place until I found the 90-day bible plan. You can check out Why I Read the Bible Every 90 Days for a little more information. But I still felt like I stunk at it. Stuff just was janky…and I felt like I had holes missing. I needed a better bible reading routine

So a few years ago I began modifying a reading strategy I learned from Mike Slaughter of Gingumsburg Church. I want to share this with you.

Why A Bible Reading Routine Makes Sense

  • It helps you collect your thoughts
  • Lets you realize when, where and how you are reading
  • You realize when you are behind, not reading or hitting pretty heavy seasons
  • It’s about the 20 mile march.

Why I Read Systematically

  • To gain greater clarity of the Biblical Narrative
  • Because I love and function inside of a Biblical Theological framework
  • I want to look back on a life of study and reading
  • It helps me dig deep into what I might not regularly.

My Own Personal Bible Reading Routine

I use a pretty standard pattern. Every morning, after my 90-day read, I pull out my notebook and I make a quick outline. My paper is simply divided up into Date, Passage, and two larger section. The first is simply titled “observations” and I use it to note whatever I observe. Remember, this is done in rhythm with a larger read, so my observations are sometimes running thoughts. The second section is for application. I tend to ask myself two different questions, “What questions is this making me ask?” and “What do I need to do in order to respond?”. This is a pretty simple pattern for me. Sometimes my read takes 15 minutes and sometimes I catch myself doing around 45 minutes.

DOWNLOAD: basic bible reading sheet


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Overcoming Forgetfulness | Productive Pastor 54

Overcoming Forgetfulness | Productive Pastor 54

Are you forgetful? I know I am. This episode focuses on overcoming forgetfulness. We dig a little into what makes us forgetful and how we can get around AND correct it.

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Overcoming Forgetfulness

Just like I said in the episode, and I’ll say it again here, I am incredibly forgetful.  need to get it under control. So I started doing some research into the causes of forgetfulness and how to overcome it.

7 Common Causes for Forgetfulness– Harvard Health
This article gives several reasons, but most of the research focused on medication and a few other causes that didn’t make much sense for me.

What Causes Forgetfulness in Young People? 7 reasons you keep losing your keys explained. – Bustle
This really opened up my eyes. What I read was so important for folks in ministry. We need to realize the schedule many of us keep is incredibly unhealthy and contributes to a lack of productivity and a heightened amount of forgetfulness.

Overcoming Forgetfulness part 1: Health

  • We need to realize our capacity for life, stress and information
  • We need to learn when we reach capacity.
  • We begin creating and preserving workspace, time and emotional energy.
  • We begin building the ability to eliminate decisions.

Always Wear the Same Suit: Obama’s Presidency Productivity Secrets– Fast Company

Overcoming Forgetfulness part 2: Reminders and Rhythms

  • Learn to build a rhythmic schedule. Focus on your weeks.
  • Put stuff in the way. Literally.
  • Build cognitive and physical inbox and outbox systems. Beginners? Look at Bullet Journaling.
5 Podcast Episodes | 7.1.16

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.1.16

This has been a great week for podcasts. I ran an abnormal amount of errands and spent plenty of time in the truck. With my new radio, it makes podcasts even easier to consume.

Every week I curate a list of the 5 best episodes I listened to this week. They are pretty varied, but I think each one of them is worth a listen.

5 Podcast Episodes | 7.1.16

How To Train and Develop More Leaders More Quickly: Scott Magdalein | Carey Nieuwhof 6.20.16
Carey’s podcast is one I had to set a personal rule over. I can’t share every episode he puts out. His content is that fantastic. This episode is all about creating a digital engagement strategy for developing new leaders. I probably cued up this episode 3 times and ultimately ended up connecting with Scott. TrainedUp is fantastic.

Bigger Than Bacon | RADIOLAB 5.9.16
The content in this episode is really interesting. RADIOLAB produces an excellent podcast. But the standout part of this episode is the amazing soundscape created by Simon Adler and Molly Webster

There’s Not Enough Pink Pens | The Pen Addict 6.15.16
I’m a big fan of pens and the Pen Addict website and podcast. What I love about this episode is the conversation they have on business development, leadership and making tough decisions. Didn’t expect that coming!

Pocahontas: the Empire Business | Myths and Legends 6.15.16
The Myths & Legends podcast is one of my favorites. They take stories we *think we know, but dig deep into the true back story and the stories behind all of it. I also think about how long-form storytelling might affect churches and how they teach.

Bob Goff and James KA Smith | Catalyst Podcast 6.16.16
Most folks know about Catalyst, the massively moving and influential Christian leadership conference. I was FLOORED to see they interviews Jamie Smith…aka my favorite Calvinist. Such a fantastic conversation about habits and how the affect us.