Last year I consciously decided to read frequently. I took part in the #emptyshelf challenge. I normally read a good bit, but last year was something else. The first 6 months of the year had me averaging around 4-5 books a month (here is my complete list read with a short review). There were a few books I didn’t put on the list. I learned how much reading both relaxes and challenges me. I think and lead better when I am reading at least once a day.

While it was a great year of reading, I think I can do a better job. Last year I read whatever seemed interesting. I didn’t have a plan. Most of the books were really interesting. I usually just bought whatever captured my mind. This year I decided to try a little different of an approach. Late in the fall I realized there were two/three subjects I wanted to make part of my 2015 reading.

I decided to plan out my reading this year in an intentional pattern. Leadership, Missional movements and strategic organization were on the list of priorities (since I am in the middle of planting a new church, Foundry). I also wanted to take the time to do a little more academic reading in the fields of sociology and formational faith. I think planning out my reading will help me make the best use of the time as well as learn the most since it won’t be as scattered (categorically) as last year.

My 2015 Reading Plan

Divided into quarters

Personal Leadership, Incarnational theology

Culture Creating/Strategic Organization

Missional Leadership/Discipleship


A couple of these seasons are exciting. I am reading 5 different Alan Hirsch books this summer. I have never closely read anything of his and I had the chance to meet and interact with him at New Room this past year.

I don’t expect to stick absolutely hard and fast to this list. I will progress to the next section when the time comes and if a book pops up in the middle of something I will probably read it. I also started reading some fiction and historical non-fiction this past year and I really enjoyed it. I will end up adding a few random books from these sections throughout the year.

So what’s your reading plan for 2015? Tell me about it in the comments.