My Favorite Podcasts (volume 2)

December 5, 2013 — 3 Comments


Earlier this year I shared my favorite podcasts and gave you a few reasons why you should be listening to podcasts. Since then, I have jumped into the podcasting community even bigger. The first was I went on a pretty radical diet and started walking several miles several nights a week. This gave me 4-5 hours of discretionary time and I immediately started searching for interesting podcasts. The next reason was I jumped even deeper into podcast production and started The Productive Pastor as well as continuing to be part of The Threshing Floor.

I want to share another round of my favorite podcasts with you.

1. Stuff You Should Know.
The Stuff You Should Know Podcast is a recent favorite. I have a love for random information and strange facts and this podcast totally scratches the itch. The hosts give listeners the low down and a random story, historical event or any other event. It is an entertaining podcast but it is also helpful. As a Pastor, I have to always be collecting stories, especially intriguing ones. I even wrote about why Pastors need to be hoarders of information. This podcast is a veritable treasure trove of stories.

2. unSeminary.
Rich Birch is a pastor at Liquid Church in New Jersey. The unSeminary Podcast is an extension of his blog. Rich shares information for ministry leaders that isn’t traditionally learned in seminary. He interviews people from all over the church world about their specific areas of expertise. He has a great format and I really love The Lightning Round.

3. Sermonsmith
Sermonsmith is a great podcast hosted by John Chandler. It is another structured interview podcast of conversations about the craft of sermon preparation with a different preacher each episode. My friend Stephen Fife turned me onto this podcast in the comment section of the earlier favorite podcast post. If you teach in a ministry setting, you need to listen to Sermonsmith.

4. The Alton Browncast.
Alton Brown is the best Food Network personality ever and geeks out about amazing things. He has a podcast. I don’t think I need to explain anything else. It is also part of The Nerdist family…which makes it even cooler.

5. Beyond The To Do List.
Beyond The To Do List is a great podcast focused on productivity. I love this podcast because it gives great tips across the entire spectrum of productivity. Since I have a productivity podcast I really eat this stuff up. The host, Erik Fischer, is a new media strategist and understands how productivity works for digital natives.

These are just several of the shows I have been keeping in my ears for the last several months. I am certain I will have a new list in a few more months, so I see this being a regular posting series.

What podcasts are you listening to?

  • rich birch


    Thanks so much for shout out on here! I’m glad you find the podcast helpful. Let me know if there is any way I can help you.

    Have a great day!


    • chadbrooks

      Rich-Thank You!!!

  • johnchandler

    Thanks for including Sermonsmith, Chad. Alton Brown’s podcast is one of my favorites as well.