Why I use a Bible app



There are many ways you can choose to read the bible. One of my favorite is using a digital Bible app, more specifically, the YouVersion app on my iPhone and iPad. I absolutely love it and can’t imagine not using this app. I want to share with you a few reasons why.

Why I use a digital Bible app.

1. Patterns.
I think patterns and rhythms matter. If you want to make something part of your daily life, there is no better way than to build it into your daily routine. While I have used plenty of other plans to read through scripture, having my plan on my iOS device makes it pretty simple. I can’t lose my log and it automatically updates for me. If I get behind I can catch up with the click of a button.

For me, using my digital bible makes keeping my routine easy. That matters. As busy as life gets, if anything is hard to do, it will eventually get dropped.

2. Access.
What is the best Bible for you to use? The one you have in your hand/pocket/bag! I am willing to bet it is on some sort of electronic device. I can’t tell you how many times I have had 10 minutes to kill and I can read an entire book in the New Testament. It is literally right there with me all the time. This also means having multiple translations with you.

I almost always have a physical (paper) Bible with me, but 9 times out of 10 I will go for the digital first because it is more accessible.

3. It makes reading simple.
Whenever anyone asks me to help them start reading the Bible I always point them towards a plan on Youversion. The medium of a smart phone or tablet encourages us to read as if it is a normal, everyday book. Often times we can get bogged down in scripture because we feel the need to always be thinking deeply, taking notes and cross referencing things.

The beauty of a Bible app is how it lets us simply read. Reading simply gets Biblical vocabulary and story into our brain. It makes it dwell in the same place as our favorite television show (and that is probably a good thing). Scripture enters parts of our brain we would never imagine because we have shook up our idea of what and how we read the Bible.

I love using a digital Bible app. I use mine multiple times a day. I hope these three reasons encourages you to get into the scripture more and use a digital Bible.

For the traditionalists…you can relax. I also really dig using a paper Bible. You can read those reasons here.