Building Guest Systems | Productive Pastor 48

Building Guest Systems | Productive Pastor 48


Do you struggle with how to contact, assimilate and lead visitors into part of your church? This episode is ALL ABOUT building guest systems in your church. I sit down with my friend Rev. Allison Sauls. Allison isn’t a normal guest, but she leads Foundry with me! We break down the systems we have built over the last 9 months in starting a new church and the lessons we have learned.

Front Matter

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Giving Rocket: Get ready for their 50% off sale THIS MAY. Trust me. This is one of the best resources and coaching products I have ever purchased.


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Build Guest Systems

The Benefit of Systems
Systems are a repeatable progression of tasks. It’s all about a mindset.

Episode 19: Michael Lukaszewski on Systems

Assimilation Systems

Our larger framework is based all around collecting guest information. We do this in two ways.

  1. We have a great connection card. This is the only handout we ever give people. Connection Card Back Connection Card Front (Download links)
  2. We can collect families names based off of kids check-in. This is an amazing tool most folks don’t utilize.
  3. We give away a tumblr/mug. It depends on the season, but folks absolutely love getting a gift like this.

Check out my post on using Trello to streamlining Church Assimilation with Trello for more details.

Email Systems

We use I love it. To use an email system, you have to have a paid account somewhere. Mailchimp charges a few dollars for this, but I have been using aweber for a pretty long time and I’m familiar with it. One of the best explanations of using an email series for guest systems is from Bobby Williams. He was a guest on Rich Birch’s Unsemianry podcast and explained how his church used them.

Facebook Systems

I’ve outlined my strategy for using Facebook lists and leveraging them for ministry here.

1st time Giving

I’m a big fan of The Rocket Company‘s What Happens When You Give booklet. You can purchase it here.

  • This has been incredibly helpful. Thanks Chad!

  • Michael Romans


    During this podcast you referenced using a Google Sheet as your ministry tracking tool. I am interested, what are you tracking in the Google Sheet? Small group assignment? Dates of Visit? or just contact info? If you are just tracking contact info, what makes this better than just a shared contact list in Google? Could you share a blank page of that set up that shows how/what you are tracking?

    If you are tracking things like small group assignment, what makes this a better option that say a Trello Board that gives you the visual assignment that is similar to what you are doing with visitor assimilation?

    As always, great post and I look forward to hearing more from you .

    Grace and Peace,


    • Hey Michael-

      We use sheets for TONS of things. The main contact page is just a contact sheet. We went this direction so we can access it easier and export it. We use sheets for other lists as well, but we try not to get to complicated with it.